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My name is Xenia and I am Russian. I was born in Kazakhstan, and that is where I spent most of my childhood. After, my parents and I moved to Russia, I had spent most of my youth there and completed a formal education. Finally, we moved to United States of America where I live now and have been for the longest duration of time of my life. I can truly call America my home. I really love America and appreciate its freedom. The only thing I miss about Russia and Kazakhstan are my childhood, school friends and relatives. I enjoy living my life here in Los Angeles every day. This is the place where I have met incredible people who became a part of my journey. Some of the people that I have met are my best friends now, some have even become my family, and those who are away from me will always live in my heart. The most important thing is that I have met my true love here and I got married. I feel very blessed and very thankful for everything I have. I love my parents a lot. I’m faithful and I believe in God. I am Russian Orthodox Christian.

I used to work in a medical field (I graduated a private school where I got my pharmacy technician license), now I have changed my field and I decided to peruse a career in business as well as get a BA degree.  I am approximately half way done with completing my educational goal.

I love to cook. My mother is a very good cook and I am her lifelong student.  I love to live a healthy lifestyle and try to follow up on all things that are healthy. I love to go to gym, and some of my favorite exercises consist of yoga, swimming, hiking, as well as dancing. I love photography, and I also do modeling time to time. I love to design and decorate things, especially jewelry (I love Swarovski crystals and gems). I like going to the movies and most of all I prefer the historically inspired film genre. I love meeting new people, travel and discovering new places. In general I love people, nature, flowers, animals, and all God’s creations. I love art, classical music, valuable books, fashion and everything beautiful.

Keep up via my blog and you will learn more about me as I will make future posts.

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  • Ninette Cordero says:

    The first time I saw your picture I thought wow she looks like a model. I am into fashion and I like watching Fashion Police and I watch America’s Next Top Model. You have a lot of great features that I think would make a great mainstream model. If you can I suggest you continue to model, if that does happen to be your passion.

    I like to go to the gym too, but I like to do the workout classes that they have. I find that I get bored when I work on the machines. I love the old movies too. One of my favorite actors is Humphrey Bogart I love the way he talks. They don’t make good movies like the old days anymore. I hope the new movie “Gatsby” is like the old ones.

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