I decorated many of the adornments at my own wedding and my husband was the one who made my designs come alive. For example we decorated the whole ceiling at our restaurant with white butterflies and small round mirrors attached to strings that the butterflies were strung from. Also we made a decorative pink tree with a sparking base, and three shelves from another crystal covered tree branch. I decorated vases with floating candles and roses with butterflies that were stationed on mirrors. I have applied crystals on our wedding picture frame. For our church ceremony I decorated candles holders with lace and pearls. My bride’s bouquet design was also created by me, yet executed by Butterfly Floral and Event Design.





pink tree

















2 Responses to Decor

  • Nataly Nuno says:

    Let me start off by saying that your page is beautiful. You can tell that you put a ton of effort into it. You have talent. The arrangements are decor at your wedding was extremely beautiful. I bet you saved yourself some money on making the arrangements yourself. You have an artistic eye. I did not know which page to comment on, but they are all very interesting.

    You should continue to make your designs. Maybe one day you can open a business of your own and sell what you have made so far. This blog is an excellent way to showcase what you have so far.

  • Esau Montano says:

    Wow, you really have a creative sense. I can see how well you can decorate, very nice. It must take time and patience to be able to decorate.
    I know it’s possible to learn how to do that and be creative. Michaels Art Store has a variety of things that can help create that sort of stuff as well as help with creating other artistic material.

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