Another sport activity, that I enjoy a lot, is exercising at the gym. I started going to gym when I was 16, since then I have been working out, on and off. I love the atmosphere at the gym. In my opinion by exercising on machines you can build your muscles very fast. The recommended sets are 12 repetitions for 3 sets. Start with the lowest weight possible and then increase slowly. It is not recommended to work on the same muscles every day. So, you can work out on different muscles groups and you won’t harm yourself. Take it easy on yourself. Try to alternate and workout every other day. I would really recommend going to the Jacuzzi after your routine, but no more than for 10 minutes,  or swim in a warm swimming pool (if your gym has one).


Enjoy your training sessions!



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  • Carlos Macias says:

    I have to admit that I am surprised to see how many students in this class like to hiking. I am surprised by how many students go to work out at the gym. This semester, particularly this class has been pretty hectic with all of the computer use that we had to do for credit. I enjoy working out at the gym whenever I get the chance. By that I mean if I take weight training class. Yeah, I know. I don’t do much. However, I have some interest in working out at a gym, but not at this time.

    Since I spend a lot of time online, and since at one time I expressed some interest in starting a workout routine, I looked up a website called I checked it out several months ago, but lost interest. However, one of the best things about StrongLifts is that when you subscribe to its newsletter, you receive a free e-book written by the author of the website. You also receive pair of spreadsheets that should open on any operating system. The spreadsheets are used to regulate your workout routine. I’m telling anyone and everyone to check it out. Have a good summer.

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