One of my favorite activities is hiking. As I mentioned earlier, I love nature, so hiking gives me a chance to spend some time outside and enjoy the breathtaking views. Once I do not go hiking for some period of time, I feel disconnected from nature, and it makes me feel incomplete.




I always try to remember that we have so many incredible places here in California for hiking, while many people travel long distances just to see such locations. The varieties of wonderful views in California are so broad. Everything that one loves is here in our golden state, ocean, mountains, deserts, snow, lakes, forests, flower fields and much, much more.






I really love to explore new ventures here in California. For instance, I know a few hidden spots that are good examples of nature’s preservation, however they are all private properties, and the owners do not want many visitors. Behind secret gates there are vast lands resembling nature in pristine conditions, full of life and beauty.






I also love to travel to nearby states and explore new attractions, such as botanical gardens, national parks, shore sides, trails, zoos, and canyons.




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  • ian peyrot says:

    I to am a hiking enthusiast. There is nothing like leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city and getting out into nature. Being able to live some were its so easy to get to hiking spots is wonderful. Hiking is a great form of exercise as well as being fun. The reason its so great for you is hiking is amazing for cardiovascular endurance. Hiking new trails is my favorite part of hiking. Exploring new trails and never knowing whats coming around the next is a exhilarating feeling.

    There are lots of places to go hiking in the San Fernando valley. One of my favorites is castle peak on vanowen and valley circle. It has both a peak to climb as well as bat caves to explore. There are several different routes to get the summit of castle peak. Another hiking area is off topanga canyon and the 118 in chatsworth. Its my favorite place in the valley to rock climb.

  • Eric says:

    Hiking is great. It much more intense than running in my opinion. I do it every so often at veterans park which is located in Sylmar. California has many great hiking locations. I like the locations that you have chosen.

    The feeling of being outdoors in nature is amazing. Most people haven’t had a good view of nature though since they spend most of their time in the city. I remember one time i went hiking at Switzer falls and it was intense. We also saw a rattlesnake when we were walking our path. So remember to be alert when exploring nature.

  • Sandra says:

    I just started hiking 4 months ago with a group of friends. Now, I’m addicted. I go on an 8 mile hike about 3 to 4 times a week. I have never felt so good in my life. After a good hike I feel relaxed and energized.

    Now I see why I was always told how important it is to exercise and always try to keep yourself health.

  • elena says:

    To set the stage, I’m in pretty good cardio shape but new to hiking as a hobby. Took on this trail on an April Sunday morning for the first time and enjoyed it all the way. PROS: Well maintained trail that keeps you on an incline all the way to the top so your calves will be burning. Not too crowded and you’re rewarded with an awesome view of the San Fernando Valley. Can get from the trailhead to the top within 60 to 90 mins depending on your pace & endurance. CONS: Besides the incline the terrain is not much of a challenge for seasoned hikers who may be looking for less beaten paths and longer loops. However, good trail for weekly workouts depending on your training objectives. I can definitely see why you want to avoid late mornings during the summer.

  • Gabriela says:

    I love the pictures you added here and am too very fond of hiking. I used to go hiking three days a week at fryman canyon in Studio City, Ca. Its a short three mile hike but has many great side trails to enhance your workout. I used to sometimes double back after getting down the hill for a six mile round trip. I miss the trails.

    I think that is what I love most of the valley, all the hiking trails and lakes. Its nice to get such fresh air from all the nature that surrounds us and my luck I end up with allergies. Its my downfall when hitting the trail. I always have to remember to use my nose spray and pack some tissue. I guess my body was used to all the smog in the city. Happy Hiking!

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