My First Jewelry Collection

Smoked Topaz Crystals, Tiger eye stone, and 2 Swarovsi crystal buttons on leather collar and bracelet.   Clear and black diamond crystals, Hematite stone beads, and silver accents on dark grey leather collar and bracelet.    Clear and Jet Crystals, black chain and black feather trim on leather collar and 2 bracelets. (second is...Read More

Jewelry & Apparel


As I mentioned above I started to put my design ideas for jewelry on piece of paper and now I have a collection of 30 sets in my design book. Within a period of 6 month I brought to life 10 sets of Jewelry. All of my necklaces are mainly jewelry filled collars and for most of them I have matching bracelets and sometimes headbands or designer hats. The collection is primarily made with leather, feathers, fur, gem stones, crystals, silk and lace. All of them have a unique design and shape. One of my sets I decided to demonstrate in details of the photos below, which were taken by my husband, Alexander Antonyuk in Balboa Lake Park when the cherry blossoms were blooming. This set was made out of pink leather. I have taken a great deal of time to create the leather cutouts representing the shapes of all the pieces in the set (necklace, bracelet, and headband). Then I have decorated the necklace with real pearls and placed one crystal ball in between of the pearl string for contrast. I have applied pink and clear crystals on the rose patterns to accentuate the flower shapes through the contour of their edges. With having applied two Swarovski crystal buttons on each end of the pearl string, and having offset one side of the string with a flower made of pink lace, I have created a perfect statement from the design stand point of view. Bracelet and headband are also decorated with clear and pink crystals.


cherry blossom1



cherry blossom2



cherry blossom3


P.S. And on the day of the photo shoot I was wearing my wedding pair of shoes that I also have decorated with real pearls and Swarovski crystals.








So, once I have another photo shoot of my jewelry sets, I will post them here.

Stay tuned!!!





2 Responses to Jewelry & Apparel

  • What a beautiful blog you have, it is amazing! It looks like you put a lot of effort in it. You say that designing is your hobby, but have you thought of doing it professionally one day? I think that you can really succeed because you are very passionate about it. Moreover, many argue, that doing what you like for living is a path to happiness.

    The pictures in your blog are incredible, and I find photos from Balboa Park especially beautiful. Great job on that jewelry and shoes!

  • elena says:

    Ксю, you are so incredibly talented. I like the way how different you are.
    Your blog shows you as individual, it is different from others blogs, I feel it is unique and very bright. You choose wonderful colors for your blog and beautiful pictures of you. I had the pleasure of viewing your blog and definitely will follow you forever:) Лена

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