My Holidays

Once I came to America I was introduced to many new holidays, and some of them are now my favorite that I really love and celebrate. I now celebrate holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Mothers and Fathers Days, and the one holiday that is my most favorite is Thanksgiving Day. Also in my family we have our own Russian holidays that are religious and/or civil, it is during these times that I love to celebrate with my loved ones most of all. These family and religious holidays are known as Christmas, Baptism, Maslenitsa, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, The day of Love, Devotion, and Family, Angel’s days; New Year, International Women’ day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. The family values are very important to me, they mainly represent and best seen as quality family time. Love and keep each other close. Your close relatives are given to you by God. No one is perfect, so appreciate them and count every second when you are with them. Peace to your heart and to your home.

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