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Sports and activities are a huge part in my healthy lifestyle and I really enjoy being active. I do hiking, body weights, yoga, dancing Tango, jogging, swimming and I also enjoy going to Korean SPAs. I love Los Angeles for a simple reason that there is a very vast variety of places and activities for everyone. The reason for my posts about sports and activities is to inspire the readers and my blog followers to be healthy and active. I had some gaps in my life when I did not do any sports, so I felt horrible and unhealthy. It is hard to go back and be in good shape all of a sudden, but once I start then I feel so great that I cannot stop. Be active, be joyful, be healthy and stay this way!

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  • I want to go hiking. I have never hike. Only when I go to the kids’ park I have done it. A real hiking I think it is exciting because the nature and climate make it exciting. I have gone to Rocky Peak a lot of times, but only walking. I have never gone to a real mountain and do hiking. Been outside is what I do best because I like sports that make body to sweat a lot.

    The sport that I practice the more is soccer. It is not like hiking, but it is pretty exciting, running fast, move through people and sometimes falling on the ground because somebody else trick you.

  • Yoga is amazing, i love it a complete merge of mind and body. It is something that i really want to add to my routine. i love how serene the mind can become when all you focus on is the various poses and breathing. Afterwards everything is relaxed and it is not something to take lightly it take a crazy amount of strength to preform some of those poses.

    Personally i love weight lifting and that is what dominates my routine but i am strongly considering adding some yoga and stretch days in order to take care of all the kinks and tweaks that the body develops over time. It is great that you found the beauty that is yoga, you have inspired me to get back that crucial piece into my workout.

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